Cat Boarding: Top Features to Look For Are All the Norm at Hubbard Pet Resort

There's a great article over at that we encourage all cat owners to read, because it warns of "10 Red Flags to Heed When Inspecting a Cat Boarding Facility."

It's a great list, because cat owners deserve peace of mind when leaving their furry felines in the care of others. Here at Hubbard Pet Resort & Spa, we practice what they preach in all 10 categories.

For example, the article points out that a cat boarding facility should not have smelly spaces and should provide proper ventilation to the boarding area. At HPR we clean daily and do so with natural, non-toxic cleaning products. We also ventilate the cat boarding and play areas to provide an environment conducive to optimum health and well-being.

The Catio at Hubbard Pet Resort
The article also warns against facilities that do little more than stuff cats in cages during their stay. We provide individual, 3' x 6' cat condos for every cat, and every cat who stays with us gets plenty of daily recreation time in our Catio, a large, multi-level, multi activity center play area. They love it!

And, as for a separate boarding area, our cat condo and catio area is separated from the dog boarding area and is sound-proofed, so our feline guests never hear our dogs, helping them remain relaxed and content. With a separate ventilation and temperature control system, the cats are cozier and cannot smell the dogs.

Hubbard Pet Resort & Spa is dedicated to the comfort of each of our guests and their owners. We would love to be your cat's home away from home. Please call us at (330) 534-1200 for a tour or with any questions you may have.

For premier cat boarding in Youngstown and the surrounding region, along with
dog boarding and pet grooming services, visit Hubbard Pet Resort & Spa or call (330) 534-1200.

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