Changing Your Pet’s Food; Why We Don’t Do It at HPR, and How to Do It If You Do

At Hubbard PetResort & Spa, it’s standard practice to serve your dog or cat the food and treats that you provide for them. Why is that important?

Animals react to changes in their surroundings and routines, just like people do. Unlike us, however, they eat basically the same diet, day in and day out. Dry kibble is often a main food source, often supplemented with wet canned food.

When we make sudden changes to their diets, it can cause digestive upset, which can lead to loss of appetite, diarrhea, and other symptoms and problems. So putting them in a new environment is stressful enough, without introducing different food from what they’re used to.

That’s important to remember all the time—not just when you’re boarding them with us. Sudden dietary changes can adversely affect your dog or cat. If you decide to change their food, do it gradually.

For example, start by mixing 75 percent of their current dry food with 25 percent of a new formula. For the next few days, gradually decrease the amount of current food and increase the amount of new until the transition is complete. Changes in wet food are not typically as traumatic, but, just as with dry food, it’s best to avoid any sudden changes.

Also, as you change their food, keep an eye on their eating habits and observe their stool to make sure their digestion is fine. And make sure they have a generous supply of water to drink.

Remember, too, that older animals have different nutritional requirements. Like humans, they will face more health issues. A highly nutritious, leaner diet will help them avoid things like diabetes, arthritis or urinary tract issues.

So, when you decide to board your pet, be sure to provide plenty of their regular food and treats. And, if you decide to make a change in their diet, do it gradually. You’ll have a happier, healthier pet as a result.

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  2. Hi, I’m Diane C. Brown. Already I have read this articles. Your idea is right.Sudden dietary changes can adversely affect your dog or cat. If you decide to change their food, do it gradually.